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How Its MadeThere’s a great show on the Discovery Channel called, “How It’s Made,” that explores how everyday objects we seldom think about are actually produced. We love the concept because it makes us think about our companies, Rain CII and Rütgers. Most consumers have never heard of us, nor do they know what we do or why it’s important. The fact is, what we do is extremely important. We decided it was time to talk about the exciting things happening in our companies and our industry – and a blog is the perfect way to start the conversation.

Rain CII produces calcined petroleum coke, which is used to make aluminum, one of society’s most indispensable metals. Rütgers produces essential chemical raw materials for both the aluminum and steel industries. Even though we’ve flown under the radar for years, what we do affects millions of lives every day. As modern industrial companies, we take our responsibilities very seriously. We’ll use this space to let our customers, suppliers and consumers know more about how we see our roles and the many opportunities for companies like ours to lead.

We also plan to use the blog to talk about innovation in our business. No, we’re not revolutionizing the smartphone or creating an app to do the laundry. In many ways though, our innovations are just as exciting. Industrial companies like Rain CII and Rütgers have to be resourceful in their enterprises, and protect the earth’s resources at the same time. We’re looking forward to sharing what we and others are doing to make the world a better place for all of us.


No blog would be worthwhile for us without recognizing the positive contributions people make, at Rain CII, at Rütgers and at other companies. Every time we walk through our plants, research labs and offices, we’re reenergized by our employees’ determination to be more reliable for our customers. Since our challenges and opportunities are the same as those facing many companies, our successes might spark ideas for them too.

Rain CII and Rütgers may be two of those companies people have never heard of, but if we have our way, it won’t be like that for long. Who knows? “How It’s Made” just might come calling.

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