Another Leap Forward

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As industrial companies go, Rain CII and Rütgers have always been pretty progressive. Case in point: we started blogging last year. Our goal was to create a forum for talking about innovation and other topics important to our industry – and allow our customers and colleagues to respond and share their ideas. It was a good step forward. Now, based on what we learned this last year, we’ve taken the next big leap.35176652_thumbnail

As you can see, we’ve revamped the Rain-Rütgers blog with more contributors, more provocative topics, and deeper insights into what makes industrial companies tick – and prosper. We’re excited to have this new platform on which to present our philosophies on leadership, environmental responsibility, and operational performance, and importantly how collaboration brings insights and critical new innovations.

We want to get to the heart of how passionate collaboration with customers, suppliers, and employees opens the door to new ideas, and how this collaboration can give an industrial company the edge to lead in challenging times.

We hope you will subscribe to and follow the new Rain-Rütgers blog to see what’s on our minds – and tell us what’s on yours. We seek collaboration and insights from our partners inside, outside and around the world, every day. This commitment to finding new solutions is central to our resourceful One Rain culture.

Thank you in advance for joining the conversation.

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