Another Leap Forward

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As industrial companies go, Rain CII and Rütgers have always been pretty progressive. Case in point: we started blogging last year. Our goal was to create a forum for talking about innovation and other topics important to our industry – and allow our customers and colleagues to respond and share their ideas. It was a good step forward. Now, based on … Read More

Changing the Camera Angle

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I’m sure you’ll agree that no matter what business you’re in, things are moving really fast. Globalized markets, digitized communications and plain old progress have made industry after industry speed way up. As changes unfold, the race goes not just to the swift, but to those who see things differently. This is certainly true of Rain CII and the industries … Read More

It’s Time We Spoke

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There’s a great show on the Discovery Channel called, “How It’s Made,” that explores how everyday objects we seldom think about are actually produced. We love the concept because it makes us think about our companies, Rain CII and Rütgers. Most consumers have never heard of us, nor do they know what we do or why it’s important. The fact … Read More