Thinking Differently Powers Innovation

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The power plant at our Lake Charles, Louisiana, calciner.

People usually think of innovation as something that’s never been done before. But is that narrow definition accurate and/or complete? Let me challenge this thinking with an example from Rain CII. Several years ago, Bob Tonti, our SVP and director of business development, worked with the Louisiana Public Service Commission, local utilities, and industry groups to have waste heat from … Read More

Never Underestimate the Potential to Adapt

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Many people are aware of the revolutionary impact that shale oil and gas are having on the U.S. energy industry. Since 2008, production has grown dramatically from less than 0.5 million bbl/day to more than 3 million bbl/day. The U.S. is now seeing strong growth in gas-fired power generation and the resurgence of a chemical industry driven by low-cost gas. … Read More