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Publications To publish… or not to publish? This is a question with which many organizations wrestle when it comes to sharing the results of R&D and other technical work. At Rain CII and Rütgers, we believe it is worth publishing the results of work that may benefit others in the industry. That does not mean we publish work that is confidential and where we would give away some competitive advantage, but we are quite open in sharing with others what we learn. This includes sharing information with customers which often provides value to both parties.

Writing technical papers takes a lot of time and effort and we typically review and reference other published work relevant to the paper. This can often be a learning experience for the author(s) of the paper. Since 2000, Rain CII and Rütgers have authored or co-authored over 25 technical papers with most of these presented at TMS meetings and published in the Light Metals journal. Ten of these papers have been written jointly with our customers, reflecting our strong desire to collaborate with customers on key projects.

Rain CII and Rütgers have just finished writing our first joint technical paper titled “Pilot Anode Testing of Alternative Binder and CPC Raw Materials” which will be presented at the 2015 TMS meeting in March in Orlando. A list of other technical papers we have written can be found on our online publications page .

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