A Convenient Truth

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The April 9 Wall Street Journal Business & Environment section brought forth its usual set of good articles on how companies are navigating the environmental scene. The first article in this edition caught my eye. It was about Vaclav Smil of the University of Manitoba, and his assertion that there is no singular global energy solution, that “what we produce … Read More

Earning Your “Enviro-Wings”

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Have you ever watched a plane rumble down the runway and, seemingly in slow motion, majestically lift off into the sky? You may be an aeronautical engineer and understand how lift is created to overcome gravity, and thrust is created to overcome drag. I still watch, hold my breath, and say, “it’ll never work,” and then, amazingly, it does… every … Read More

A Law Worth Challenging

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In April 2009, I made a presentation at the Tulane Engineering Forum in New Orleans on the topic of process heat recovery. I started with these quotes from Al Gore, Bobby Jindal and Stephen Chu, who I claimed all had something in common: “The scientists are virtually screaming from the rooftops now. The debate is over! It’s an inconvenient truth…it’s … Read More

A Case of Mistaken Identity

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When I spoke at an environmental conference recently, the audience heard my company’s name, Rain CII Carbon, and assumed I would talk about the latest prospects for a greenhouse gas clearinghouse for carbon credits. A case of mistaken identity, since Rain CII processes solid carbon for industrial use. Fortunately, their disappointment that I wasn’t there to predict the carbon credit … Read More