Challenging the Norm — Preparing for the Unexpected

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Challenging the Norm
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Challenging the Norm



My last post was about change, but with a twist. By the time I finished writing, I had stopped asking why change is necessary and started asking how change is beneficial. Can we change together to reach our destinations more quickly?

At Rain CII, our CEO, Gerry Sweeney, really gets it. He encourages us to embrace change because it sets us up for success. It prepares us for the unexpected. Challenging the norm and changing in anticipation of demand creates better value for our customers, our suppliers, and our employees alike. This short video of Gerry and Les Edwards, our Chief Technology Officer, sums up the benefits of challenging ourselves to innovate and changing to get there. Have a look and let us know what you think.

One Comment on ““Challenging the Norm — Preparing for the Unexpected”

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