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What does it mean to be a progressive industrial company? How does an enterprise demonstrate resourcefulness, reliability, and responsibility in today’s demanding global environment?

Leadership Dynamics

How to lead teams, inspire innovation, and grow profitably amid constant change.

Rain CII-Rütgers

Leadership Dynamics

Another Leap Forward

As industrial companies go, Rain CII and Rütgers have always been pretty progressive. Case in point: we started blogging last year. Our goal was to create a forum for talking about innova... Read More

Changing the Camera Angle

I’m sure you’ll agree that no matter what business you’re in, things are moving really fast. Globalized markets, digitized communications and plain old progress have made industry after i... Read More

It’s Time We Spoke

There’s a great show on the Discovery Channel called, “How It’s Made,” that explores how everyday objects we seldom think about are actually produced. We love the concept because it makes... Read More

Environment & Efficiency

Environmental responsibility, energy efficiency, and job creation are vitally linked.

Rain CII-Rütgers

Environmental Efficiency

A Convenient Truth

The April 9 Wall Street Journal Business & Environment section brought forth its usual set of good articles on how companies are navigating the environmental scene. The first article in t... Read More

Earning Your “Enviro-Wings”

Have you ever watched a plane rumble down the runway and, seemingly in slow motion, majestically lift off into the sky? You may be an aeronautical engineer and understand how lift is crea... Read More

A Law Worth Challenging

In April 2009, I made a presentation at the Tulane Engineering Forum in New Orleans on the topic of process heat recovery. I started with these quotes from Al Gore, Bobby Jindal and Steph... Read More

A Case of Mistaken Identity

When I spoke at an environmental conference recently, the audience heard my company’s name, Rain CII Carbon, and assumed I would talk about the latest prospects for a greenhouse gas clear... Read More

Innovation & Excellence

How relentless pursuit of new ideas and quality intertwine to create competitive edge.

Rain CII-Rütgers

Innovation & Excellence

The Mega-Smelter in Jharsuguda

If you’ve ever driven on a rural road in India, you know it can be harrowing, especially at night. I recently went from Bhubaneswar to Jharsuguda in Odisha State, a distance of about 200 ... Read More

Collaboration Across the Atlantic

Despite the long list of rocky mergers between culturally different companies, integrating research and development functions in newly combined global organizations is possible – and bene... Read More

Thinking Differently Powers Innovation

People usually think of innovation as something that’s never been done before. But is that narrow definition accurate and/or complete? Let me challenge this thinking with an example from ... Read More

Creating a Culture of Innovation

A few months ago, I read a fascinating article in Forbes magazine about a culture change being pursued by the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia. City leaders strongly believe their economic fu... Read More

Culture & Performance

Inspiring and maintaining a culture of operational excellence.

Rain CII-Rütgers

Culture & Performance

Using Technology to Maintain Company Culture

As a technologist I oftentimes find myself at the intersection between innovation and company culture. This was especially true starting my first day here at Rain CII as the IT Manager. I... Read More

Challenging the Norm — Preparing for the Unexpected

  My last post was about change, but with a twist. By the time I finished writing, I had stopped asking why change is necessary and started asking how change is beneficial. Can we change ... Read More

Change In the Air

Ever ask yourself why change is necessary? Why can’t I just pick a destination and go there? I fly quite a bit and get frustrated when I can’t go directly to my destination. I go online t... Read More

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